The two-year international Master's degree programme, Master of Film, was launched in March 2009. The ambition of this research programme is ‘to contribute to development and innovation in film and the field of film by creating a context within which young filmmakers can further develop their professional practice via artistic research in and through cinema'.


Master of Film

Unlike other art forms that have a tradition in which research is seen as the driving force of the creative process, a film or the film story is far less often seen by the makers as a speculative answer to a research question. Key to ‘artistic research in and through cinema’ is the intrinsic bond between thinking and doing, making and reflecting. Critical thinking is developed through the practice of making, and the artistic practice is broadened and deepened through that reflection and conceptualisation.

This concept of artistic research also differs from academic research through its stronger emphasis on the subjectivity of the maker/researcher and through the important role of artistic practice in the research. It also differs from the research in preparation for a specific film project that is usual in the film sector, through its attention to the process and the need to articulate and conceptualise the results. This specific principle, which forms the basis for both the content and the form of the teaching, is perhaps unique in the international film-education world.