Research week Immersive media 2016

In the fall of 2016 the first Research Week took place at the Film Academy – a week in which bachelor and master students worked alongside international experts to research new developments and push boundaries. 


  • Space-Time narratives - Ludger Pfanz: How do you deal with the narrative space in virtual reality?
  • If the earth is not flat, 3D will find its own language - Joséphine Derobe: Is 3D stereoscopie a new format, with it’s own codes and terms? 
  • Immersive audio: sound in space for Virtual Reality - Paul Modler: What role does sound play in the experience of virtual reality
  • Storytelling in 360 degree panorama format - Timo Heinånen: What are the possibilities and challenges of 360 degrees?
  • Virtual Reality: Out of control - Avinash Changa: How do we create a new visual language for a medium without conventions?

Bio's workshop leaders

Full description of the workshops

Space-Time narrative - Ludger Pfanz

360 degree - Timo Heinänen

The Art of 3D storytelling - Josephine Derobe

Virtual reality out of control - Avinash Changa

Immersive audio: sound in space for virtual reality - Paul Modler