Research week: Immersive media

Over the coming decades new technologies will change our lives and the way in which we perceive and represent it. Virtual Reality, 360 degree-cameras, quadrocopters, stereoscopic and autostereoscopic technologies, mobile devices with 3D capabilities, 3D laser scanners, 3D printers – augmented reality and new interfaces co-developed by engineers and artists are finally fully presenting new dimensions to be creatively used in representation and expression. Virtual network worlds might become part of human life similar to our dreams, which are a nightly routine, somehow separated from our daily lives obeying to different physical rules.

The research week „Immersion“ focused on new narrative forms, of “space-time narrations”, on new dimensions of the “moving image” to space-time stories and the quantum theory of digital dreams. Supported by higher frame rates, higher resolutions, micro-and macroscopic insights, super slow motion and super accelerations.

The workshops dealt theoretically and practically with new dramatic models and stories and the way to „mis en scene“ new stories for new technologies and opened the mind for new possibilities and new opportunities.

Central question was how Immersion is enhanced by different technologies. Each workshop had  its own focus. The experiments were united in the final sessions where we „taped“ together our experience and created an outlook for further and future research projects.