Dubbel geparkeerd

Jacob, a successful actor, receives a disturbing phone call from an unknown caller. The next morning, once it has become clear that his girlfriend also received such a call, a man who refuses to reveal his name pays a rather ominous visit. Jacob gradually discovers what the stranger wants from him. What follows is a verbal battle, in search of the truth. Or rather, the manner in which the truth is distorted. A short film about three characters, who struggle to discover who they are actually dealing with.



Lengte (min.)



Country of production the Netherlands
Year of production 2011
Length 18 min.

Direction and screenplay Reinier Noordzij
Production Reinier Noordzij
Camera Max Maloney
Sound Oliver Pattinama
Editing Pelle Asselbergs
Sound editing Narek Nicoghosyan
Cast Xander van Vledder, Daan van Dijsseldonk, Roos Eijmers



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