Eskalibur is a theatre workshop in The Hague where mentally handicapped actors and dancers collaborate in theatre productions. This documentary follows five dancers from rehearsals to the première; we see how they work on their latest dance production, and the way they turn their personal struggles into movement and dance. The documentary is about five people whose characters and reputations often seem to merge, in a place where emotions are invariably exposed.



Lengte (min.)



Country of production the Netherlands
Year of production 2011
Length 36 min.
Genre documentary

Director Reinier Noordzij
Producer Reinier Noordzij
Camera Max Maloney, Tibor Dingelstad
Sound Oliver Pattinama, Michiel de Boer, Lennert Hunfeld
Editing Xander Bruins, Pelle Asselbergs
Sound editing Michiel de Boer
Featuring Boris van der Wees, Ellis van Willige, Gijsbert Jan Looijen, Walter Roeleven, Wilma Huitink

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