Het Laatste Woord

The setting is the Netherlands in the foreseeable future. Robert is an author who has been imprisoned because of things he has written. While the warders and the Director of Public Prosecutions do their utmost to break his spirit, Robert attempts to continue writing in secret in his prison cell.

'The Last Word' is about freedom of speech and the relationship between the individual and society. What standards can society impose upon the individual? Which resources are justified in this regard? And where do people’s own responsibilities lie in such matters?

In order to enable viewers to immerse themselves in the story, 'The Last Word' was made in a subservient style, with camera work and editing which do not attract attention to themselves, but relate the story in the most intense manner possible.



Lengte (min.)



English title The Last Word

Producers Jasper de Haan and Bart Juttmann
Screenplay and direction Bart Juttmann
Camera Gerko Jonker
Production design Mirjam Smit
Editing Sander Kuipers
Sound design Marko Vermaas
Cast Guus Dam, Noël Keulen, Markoesa Hamer, Iwan Dam, Sander Commandeur



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