Panorama Heesterveld

During the space of a year, I took around 3000 photos from exactly the same spot, though from different angles and at different times of day. I photographed both my surroundings and the people I encountered there. People on their way to school or to work; people on their way home, or to visit friends or relatives. But also the odd person who had become lost, or was just strolling. I took everyone’s picture at the precise moment that they looked towards the camera − either coincidentally or prompted by me. Then, on the computer, I combined a selection of all these individual photos to produce one very large picture.
To me, this project was a study into my own existence. My personal physical presence at a particular spot − I moved especially for the project to the place where I took the photos; a block of flats in Amsterdam-Zuidoost.  However, it is also a study of my presence as a director, combined with the presence of the camera. How does people’s behaviour change in relation to a camera and the person operating it? While I was doing the photography, I greatly appreciated the support of the people I took pictures of. Their reactions were almost invariably positive, while they also helped me stay dedicated to my project. If I hadn’t taken pictures for some time, for instance, then there would always be someone who asked me if the project was complete, or why I was no longer there regularly.




Country of production the Netherlands
Year of production 2010-2011
Medium photo print
Size 3.2 by 12 metres

Photography and concept Taatske Pieterson

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