Bart Juttmann

Bart Juttmann

Master of Film

Previous education
Netherlands Film and Television Academy - Screenwriting

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Het Laatste Woord [The Last Word] - writer, director, producer

Artist's statement: ‘Ideas and emotions are more important than the art itself’
The work is more significant than the maker. The story is more important than the form. Ideas and emotions are more important than the art itself. I apply these three principles as the basis for my work as a filmmaker. My objective is to create cinema which makes people forget that they are watching a movie. I want them to have an experience with a lasting memory; something that continues to gnaw away at the back of one’s mind, before suddenly yielding new insights a few days later.

I consider myself a screenwriter first and foremost. The object of my research was to learn to write scripts which make optimum use of the facilities available to tell a story using images and sound. You simply have to have experienced the process of making a film in order to understand cinema. This may be one of the main reasons why I made the film The Last Word, though it is certainly not the only one.

Films are by definition polemical, and The Last Word is certainly a movie with a moral. It strikes me as self-evident that free speech has to remain free, and that one need therefore hardly expand on the topic. However, the film contains another moral, which remains unexpressed, tucked away between the lines. While I wouldn’t mind if the viewers were to forget the story the very next day, I would be particularly pleased if they should remember that other moral.

Overige projecten

- 'Ideale liefde' (2013)
- 'Het laatste woord' (2011)
- 'Thuisfront' (2008)
- 'De Ein fan ‘e Wrald’' (2007)
- 'The seven of Daran; the battle of Pareo Rock' (2005-2007)

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