Taatske Pieterson

Taatske Pieterson

Master of Film

Taatske Pieterson (the Netherlands, 1978): "I applied because I wanted to know more about film and develop some of the ideas I had with respect to film making. I wasn’t quite sure about what the course would offer exactly, but I expected to get a lot of freedom to think about my ideas and do various experiments. That’s exactly what happened.

What I especially enjoy about the course is my contact with fellow students. I find the different disciplines in which they work very inspiring. In the same way I enjoy the diversity of the program, which I think seeks to overcome the traditional boundaries between film and audiovisual art."

Previous education
BA VAV, Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

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Panorama Heesterveld - photography and concept

Artist Statement: ‘I try to rely on what’s already there’
Art sets me free. It offers me scope to be consciously present, to discover things, to become part of the world around me. My way of working is largely characterized by the fact that I merge elements that were not originally situated in the same place, or at the same time. On the other hand, I try to let things occur naturally wherever possible, and to rely on what’s already there. I use this approach in an attempt to gain insight into the way we relate both to one another and to our surroundings.  I often make use of photography, film and a computer as technical resources which enable me to create and manipulate a representation of my world. I use these digital reflections to create an image of an event that never actually occurred as such. I nevertheless hope that people viewing my work find something in it which is recognizable or familiar to them personally.  I endeavor not to view my art and my life separately, but as a whole.

Overige projecten

- 'Panorama Heesterveld' (2011)
- 'One person / Lucy' (2005)
- Several freelance assignments and projects

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