Ham Nafas

Reza, a 28 year old Iranian political refugee, is fleeing from Iran to Germany. During an uninterrupted period of five days and nights, he is alone in the back of a truck. It is driven by its Turkish owner Yilmaz, from whom he is completely dependant. The truck is stacked with sex toys like dildo’s and inflatable dolls. While he is suffering from severe physical and mental ordeals, Reza realises that he has severed all ties with his native country and that he doesn’t know his future.



Lengte (min.)



English title Breath

Writer, director Sam Yazdanpanna
Alex Wuijts
Editor Ruben van der Hammen
Sound Jaap Sijben
Production Maartje Mulder, Sam Yazdanpanna
Production Design Marijn Molenaar
Cast Saman Amini, Vefa Ocal, Sinan Jahangir

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