The Crossings Within

This project takes place on two different bridges, one in Berlin, Germany and the other in Barra de São Miguel, a seaside city close to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. These two different settings are used to create an audiovisual language that takes as its reference the idea of transition. In a personal, subjective and poetic way, we look at a moment when we are in the middle of something, between two things, in crossings, intersections and decisions.




Director, camera Alice Spitz
Sound Recording Daya Gibele, Didio Pestana
Editing Alice Spitz, José Alejandro Lopéz
Collaboration in editing Karen Black, Roberto Wong
Soundtrack Rodrigo Marçal
Assistant director Daya Gibeli
Kafka’s story voiced by Philipp Hartmann
Alice Spitz’s text voiced by Eva Spitz
Marcus Fabiano’s poem voiced by Alice Spitz
Dancer Nina Botkay

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