Et In Arcadia Ego

At the backdrop of a chess game, played by two residents of Odessa, one is confronted by an other game and field of powers that is being played at a much  larger scale during the Soviet and post Soviet era. 




Video installation and film sketch – neither documentary nor fiction

Country of production  the Netherlands
Year of production  2013
Language  Russian, Georgian

Camera  Channa Boon
Voice  Alec Kopyt
Location manager  Julia Reznik
Effects  Laurent Fluttert
Translations  Mariam Sikharulidze, Otto Gooiker, Andrey Sechkovskiym, Tanja Novovic Coric.
Coaching  Rada Sesic, André Schreuders
Editing advice  Albert Markus

With the support of
Netherlands Film Academy and Stroom Den Haag

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