InWords / The word inside Shani

'InWords' is a short film based on a short story called 'Shani's Word'. It is a fantastical journey tale about a boy that has a word growing in his stomach and the quest to release it out into the world.

The film, throughout this poetic yet humorous metaphor, tells a story about self-expression, creation and transformation. It deals with the tender and complex relationship between ones inner world and the outer one. It is a cross-genre film with a parallel storyline, each has its unique visual language, rhytm and atmosphere and yet, weaved carefully into one absorbing and coherent entity.

The imagery will be constructed from unusual combinations of various animation techniques and live action.




DirectorYael Assaf
Short story
Alit Goren
Script Yael Assaf
Production Anne-Frine Steiger
Cinematographer Vladimir Simic
Animation Yael Assaf, Ehud Neeuhaus, Assaf Lavi
Editor Yael Assaf
Assistant director Claire van der Poel
Sound/Composing Yehudit Mizrachi, Adam Beni, Jeroen Loohuys
Actors Ilan, Rense Boot
Special thanks NUFFIC excellency scholarship

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