Percolate Feelings

'Percolate Feelings' is a mixed media animation video clip made for the alternative-electro band TFT (Toy Fish Trap).
'Percolate Feelings' is a journey tale that moves between past, future, dreams and waiting. Is it all just an imagination? Maybe; still, imagination can be another kind of reality. Where courage and wisdom can reveal themselves and help one grow.

The video was made with the support of Tent, Rotterdam and the Hangar, Barcelona. The video clip is created out of live action and stop motion paper-cut animation. It is distributed by EYE and been presented at EYE as part of the Dutch New Experimental Film Mini-Festival, Shorts competition HAFF and at various festivals worldwide.



Lengte (min.)



Country of production the Netherlands, Spain
Year of production 2012
Length 3:30 min.
Genre Animation / experimental
Format Mixed media
Language English

Director / editor / writer/ animator Yael Assaf
Song by ToyFishTrap band – Jeroen Loohuys, Adam Beni, Yehudit Mizrachi
Creature creation for animation Jeroen Loohuys, Adam Beni, Yehudit Mizrachi
Acting Jeroen Loohuys, Adam Beni, Yehudit Mizrachi

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