Working Frames

In non-narrative videos I compose and choreograph theatrical-performative scenes, which play with relationships between bodies, architecture, the space of the frame and their limits and elasticity (expansion). While setting up human bodies both in architectural space and in the space of the frame as sculptural elements, I stage an existence with its own logic and rules.

Movements are composed in a specific rhythm and become irrational and possible at the same time. The arrangements of body positions are expressive of, and play with, the inner conditions of an observer placed in diverse social conditions, spaces and structures.

With light irony and poetic methods I play with a subject through staged scenarios. There’s a questioning of who we are and what we do in specific locations.
All the videos are connected to each other in order to create a narrative network, and are to be set up in a multi-channel installation in the space. Work can be adopted to offered space as site specific video installation.




Directed, edited, camera work by Ginta Tinte Vasermane
Actors Roger Sala Reyner, Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Matias Daport Gonzalez, Magda Ptasznik and extras.
Camera assistants Christine Maas, Jelena Rosič

Year 2012
Genre video installation
Length all videos looped
Amount 6

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