Claire van der Poel

Claire van der Poel

Master of Film

In 2000, Claire van der Poel (the Netherlands, 1977) graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy Bachelor's programme. Soon after she started her own production company. After ten years of producing and directing mainly television productions and corporate movies her love for documentaries made her decide to join the Master's programme.

Previous education
BA Production, Netherlands Film Academy (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

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About the end of the world and making babies – director

Artist's statement: Directing transformation while undergoing it
To me, transformation is the most fascinating thing in life. Ninety percent of the data in the world today  has been created in the last two years alone. My artistic investigation concentrates on the transformational effects of living in media.

Today, the online world is no longer experienced only on a computer screen; it’s a fundamental part  of our daily experience and personal identity. Being exposed to an overload of information we are forced into new ways of dealing with all these stimuli. No longer consumers but producers, no longer viewers but ‘responders’. We’re constantly repositioning ourselves in relation to these data. It’s not only the sheer amount of data that’s important, but also the process of transformation we’re undergoing while encountering them.

In ‘About the end of the world and making babies’ my starting point was ‘21-12-2012’. In it I show how my research into this topic affects my daily life to the point where the information I find influences very personal and important decisions. In it I create a parallel between the transformation cycles of a woman and the worldwide media craze around the 2012 phenomenon.

My work is a combination of participatory and reflexive documentary. I do not attempt to prove anything or push my opinion. I use my inner compass as a guiding tool; of course I choose a certain direction, but it’s an open ended  process: I’m not  interested  in defining an outcome or goal. This approach leaves space for interpretation, for new routes and unexpected encounters. Just like surfing the net on my Iphone does. That’s why I want to take steps into digital interactive media, because it facilitates a documentation of reality that is active, dynamic and collaborative.

What is special are the relationships that connect us. These relationships become visible, for most of us, through our media. The question is not whether this is good or bad, but what we do with it.


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