Een dag in 't jaar

December 31, 2012, New Year’s Eve, a party on the third level of an Amsterdam apartment. Among the crowd are Misha, Seb and Yvonne. Three people connected because of a loss they share: almost a year ago Misha’s brother Twan died. Twan is Seb’s childhood friend and Yvonne’s first love. After midnight the three drift away from the party and start walking.

Without knowing where they are heading, they wander along the streets, parks and bars of Amsterdam. The further they drift away from their natural habitat, the more their experience of time changes. While coping with the loss of Twan, they are delaying time: while they experience their continuous walk to last only 24 hours, in fact an entire year passes. It’s only when they truly face each other and their loss that they can move on with their live



Lengte (min.)



English title A Day
Country of production the Netherlands
language Dutch
subtitles English
genre fiction

director Margot Schaap

concept Margot Schaap, Johan Sonnenschein, Michaël Bloos, Anne Gehring, Vera Ketelaars

producer Hasse van Nunen (Een van de jongens)

camera/grading Casper Brink

editors Margot Schaap, Tim Wijbenga

sound Jaap Sijben, Erik van der Ven, Jasnai Jansen, Robil Rahantoeknam, Leleane Lindenaar, Tom de Groot

sound design Lennart Kleinen, Alan van Ramshorst (KlevR)
starring Michaël Bloos,  Anne Gehring, Vera Ketelaars, Lowie van Oers, Chiem Vreeken, Oscar Aerts, Serin Utlu


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