A well-educated, high class mother and her daughter (Lilith, 12) are on a holiday trip in the Swiss mountains. The day is magnificent and the nature is overwhelming. On the back seat of the car, next to Lilith is Bridin (13), a pale Irish girl, a holiday guest. Both in looks and in character they could not be more different. The mood in the car is tense. Lilith wants to go swimming, but her mother changed their plans. Arriving at a grand lake, she hires a rowboat and off they go...



Lengte (min.)



writer/director Sonja Wyss
line producer Ilse Ronteltap
director of photography Jasper Wolf nsc
sound Oliver Pattinama
editor Katarina Türler
sound/mix Alex Booy
composer Rutger Reinders
production company KeyFilm
co-production company NTR
starring Maartje Remmers, Juna de Leeuw, Parel Wilmering

genre fiction
language Dutch with English subtitles
country of production the Netherlands


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