‘Hortus’ is a one night exhibition by Edwin, exploring sensuality and intimacy in cinema

For ‘Hortus’, Edwin combines newly shot sexually explicit material with ethnographic archival footage in order to address notions of explicitness, repetition, voyeurism and exploitation in both colonialism and porn. As an image-maker, Edwin’s interest lies with the sensuality of cinema: experience, imagination, memory are a result of the sensory experience of hearing, smelling, sight, taste and touch. For ‘Hortus’, he is exploring colonial imagery, which he believes to convey messages of desire based on the attraction to “the foreign other”. In a multi-screen 16 mm projector installation he will show his first shot on site porn film, juxtaposed with ethnographic archival footage clips from EYE. The rhythm of the two sources is synchronized, with the images affecting each other and molding their energy, forcing the audience to reflect on their own ideas of colonialism, sensuality, intimacy, nostalgia and guilt.






Black & White 16mm short film loops

Archival Footage EYE

Porn film written, directed and edited
by Edwin
Camera Dirk-Jan Kerkkamp
Production Milan Ueffing, Lemming Film, Netherlands Film Academy Master of Film
Actors Pamela Ann and Peter

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