Jelmer Hoekstra

The Film Academy is a perfect playground to gain skills by experimenting. The individual approach and great lecture content is unique and will definitely give a boost towards a bright future.

In 2014 I moved to the U.S. indefinitely and started working in the casino industry. I work as an Animator/3D Artist for a company that specializes in casino slot games. My time at the Film Academy is proven to be a real asset when it comes to skills, teamwork and the ability to tell a story.

The story of Hendrick Baert

For my graduation I made a game using Unity and the Houdini Engine. The game consisted of multiple islands that had to be conquered by a pirate. During this project I got the opportunity to discover the workflow of making a game. In addition, I added a valuable skillset to my library that will help me progress in this time and age of games.

Overige projecten

All projects in the study program were equally important because it gives students the opportunity to experiment and make mistakes. During these projects I enjoyed working together with other departments and learn more about their trade and background.


During my third and fourth year at the Film Academy I did an internship with Side Effects Software in Santa Monica, California. At Side Effects I assisted with the development of Houdini imagery and training content. Houdini is one of the major VFX software’s used around the globe. Also, I did a two month internship with Moving Picture Company in Santa Monica and worked on a commercial for Deutsche Telekom.

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