Directed by detours

During my master studies I wanted to approach filmmaking with an open mind. For two years I doggedly tried to question everything, as if I were a novice, pushing the practical limits of doubt, in the hope of finding something new and fresh.

My method of uncurbed and random questioning soon altered my views significantly. For instance, during my in depth investigation of acting techniques I started to believe that significant parallels exist between the professional issues of the filmmaker and those of the actor. As a result of this personal insight, I started to work on films using practical acting techniques and applying well-known acting principles (such as ‘readiness’, ‘being in the moment’, ‘fear’ and ‘outward focus’) to the process of idea-development. This was a new approach, at least for me personally.

A different experiment was to develop a very large number (32) of short film ideas simultaneously. Taking this (intentionally) megalomaniac project as a starting point for my graduation project, the presentation finally evolved into 16 conventional finished short film ideas, displayed in an unconventional way.

For the presentation of (a small selection of) these film ideas I demonstrate an alternative way to ‘sell’ a movie idea, by avoiding the conventional format of the synopsis. Instead the audience is invited to engage various sensory organs including touch, taste, sound and smell – to understand the nature of the film plans.





mentors Albert Elings, Ruben Bloemgarten (external)
narrative consultant Luuk

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