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I like structures

I like patterns

I like systems

I like repetition

I like recognition

I like stainless steel

I like reduction

I like control

I like martial arts

I like constraints

I like rules

I like fabric

I like construction

I like rollercoasters

I like black

I like power
I like rocks

My practice is a way of coping with the world that surrounds us. It’s not about following a system or being a rebel. In a society in which almost everything is regulated and selfoptimization has become the norm, I seek ways to question the programs of our environment.

A program is a model such as education, economics or logic. During the Master I have looked at mental healthcare and fear as programs – analyzing their assumptions, history and context, mapping their workings and assessing their effects.

For Valerius I delved into the history of madness and the mental healthcare system, hired a studio in the former Valerius clinic in Amsterdam, spoke to healthcare professionals and interviewed former patients.

For Winging It I spent a month in New York, took to the streets around Ground Zero at night and spoke to residents about fear. With these projects I want to invite the spectator to explore, investigate and play the program.

(film installation)

A multi-channel film installation with interactive sound about the specificity of madness. The viewer is challenged to experience the subjective experience of a person who is institutionalized.

(short film, 3’)

An essay film about what happens when fear becomes an environment. Shot between 3 and 4AM on Wall Street, New York. To what extent is fear used as a tool to stay in power? The film shows the impossibility of total control and was banned in Turkey.






Director Dorian de Rijk

Cinematography Christiaan van Leeuwen, Dorian de Rijk

Sound composer, production sound mixer Coen Berrier

Editor Jordi Beukers, Inez Pooringa, Sabine Maas

Graphic design Julio Reyes Montesinos

special thanks to Sandor Klijn


Director, editor Dorian de Rijk
Sound design Matteo Canetta
Cinematography Winston Nanlohy, Dorian de Rijk
Grading Petro van Leeuwen

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