Coming from an advanced practice in sound design I engaged in a reflection on cinema and artistic research. This path brought me to question the idea of the production of knowledge in relation to the act of profanation.

Profanation neutralizes what it profanes. Once profaned, that which was unavailable and separate loses its sacred aura and is returned to the use and property of men. -Giorgio Agamben- What is the sacred if not any form of accepted truth? It is this untouchable network of truths that the short film Redenzione is trying to investigate.
From this experience began a process of questioning education. Education is an accepted form of truth which has a specific function in capitalist society. The function of research is limited to a functionality in the existing socio-economic frame. Artistic research can, and should, transform this state of subordination.

Questioning possible ways to produce knowledge, eventually brought me to develop an alternative form for PhD-proposals. This led to Profanity: a methodological approach for the humanities. By profanating bibliographic research and the way texts are approached in academia, an open field is created in which it is possible to re-edit, mix and twist existing writing into something new and from which new understandings can emerge.


(short film, 25’)

A performative documentary constructed as a journey in literature. Classic Greek comedy, contemporary psychiatry essays and 20th century poetry are at the core of a pastiche like script. The characters encountered in the streets of a small southern Italy town explore and face the texts, while the authors are searching for forgiveness.


(Installation / Spatialized PhD proposal) 

The profanation of the traditional form of a proposal for advanced studies and research, aims to bring the fundamental elements of such a form into a public space. Those elements (abstract, question/hypothesis, methodology, literature review, positioning) have a different relevance and weight according to the field of research. Questioning this hierarchy, I brought into a spatial dimension the most essential and relevant elements to the scope of my studies. The spatialised proposal thus is an expression of my methodology, intended as the set of critically reviewed methods used in conducting preliminary and introductory research: a visual abstract (video, 3’), an article (Goodbye Sacred), a radio play (The story of the young rich man, 2 channel video installation, 11’), a literature review (presenting a physical library), and preliminary research (learning / interviews, multi-channel reportage, 9’).



Lengte (min.)



Original title  Redenzione
Matteo Canetta

Language  Italian
Subtitles  English
Country of production  Italy

Director, cinematographer, editor Matteo Canetta

Screenwriter Pierandrea Villa, Matteo Canetta

Production sound mixer Marcello Sodano

Grading Amaranta Pictures

Audio post production Riccardo Martinelli

Translation, subtitles MediaMix.Tre

Composer Sleaford Mods

Starring Maria Cristina Morani, Alessia Poerio Piterá, Giulia Aliprandi, Carla Pirozzi, Antonio Sodano, Guiseppe de Filippo, Francesco Tancredi, Claudio Perrotta, Sara Fiorillo, Maria Ventriglia, Ivan Sozoia, Silvio la Penna, Luigia Vita

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