Julia Sokolnicka

Julia Sokolnicka

Master of Film

Julia Sokolnicka is an Amsterdam based artist born in Warsaw 1983. She works mostly as a documentary and short filmmaker.

She’s an author of music, and dance videos and visual concepts for theatre and commercials. She collaborated with artists of different origins, working in Europe and in United States.

She also worked as a journalist and photographer.

Julia runs an art directing company called Susok.

Previous education
Philosophy (Warsaw University, Poland)
Film Directing (Wajda School and Katowice National Film & Television School, Poland)

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WOW resident Julia Sokolnicka was interviewed for WOW stories

At Broedplaatsendag Nieuw West, Julia Sokolnicka will be showing a selection of her work at WOW, where she is currently artist in residence. The works shown are part of her artistic research on 'Reality and Realness'.

Digital Nomads - Live Mixed Documentary

In Digital Nomads - Live Mixed Documentary, I’m using a method of inclusive conversation to let the observed be in the same position as spectator, where as director is an editor of a growing archive of friends. The inclusive documentary allows to grasp a generation of people brought up on internet, whose relation to self image, communication and space, shapes their understanding of freedom.

In my research on Realness I searched for authenticity which led me to explore the relation between observer and observed in documentary filmmaking and experiment with the notion of conversation as inclusive process of filmmaking, as well as with cinematic approaches, such as private space of smartphone and it’s ever present camera.

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