Red Kid Black Kid

My long-term research is titled Identity in the biopolitical age, and concentrates on how political power disciplines our identities.

My project Red Kid Black Kid is a documentary film in development.

About my position as an illegal child, born in the period of the Chinese one-child policy, and my personal conflict with my father.

Through a personal narrative, this film also expresses a set of conflicts between socialism and capitalism, collectivism and individualism, authority and the individual, Maoism and humanism. The project will invite audiences to engage with a simple story that in fact deals with how political ideologies and authorities discipline our identities. 

Artist statement

as a son, I desire to move away from the influence of my father;
as a black son, I desire to challenge authority’s oppression;
as an immigrant, I desire to blur cultural boundaries;
as a citizen, I desire to escape ideological control;
as an artist, I desire to think freely.



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