Louis Hothothot

Louis Hothothot

Red Kid Black Kid

Louis Hothothot was born in China in 1986. He studied graphic design, video art, and animation at the China Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing from 2004 to 2008. He enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts program at the Dutch Art Institute in 2012 and graduated in 2014. He works as a multimedia artist combining video, visual arts, graphic design and performance. His current research focuses on film narrative and cinematic language.

In 2013 Louis Hothothot started a long-term collaboration with French performance artist and choreographer Artémise Ploegaerts. He regularly shows his works in museums, galleries, and theatres. In Amsterdam, he has exhibited in the EYE Film Museum, Dansmakers, the Oostblok Theaterand in the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven.

Louis Hothothot regularly publishes his art and film reviews in media outlets, such as the Financial Times and in the magazines Art & Design, Art World and New Graphic

Overige projecten

Curated exhibitions
- 'Urgent Care Of Identity' (Amsterdam, 2015)
- 'Defocusing - The Joint Exhibition of Modern Leading-edging Artists' (Bridge Art Centre, Beijing, China, 2008)

Exhibitions & presentations
- Workshop 'How Language Moves' (Goleb, Amsterdam)
- 'Urgent Care Of Identity' (A-LAB, Amsterdam)
- 'Lows and Highs' (OT301 4bid Gallery, Amsterdam)
- Moving future' (Dansmakers, Amsterdam)
- 'Her' in exhibition of 'Using the Museum' (Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven)
- 'Zone of Urgency' in exhibition of 'To make a work' (Upominki, Rotterdam)
- 'Her' (Laban Theatre, London, UK)
- '5,000 Friends' in exhibition of 'The Age of Houshayu' (Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China)

- 'Revisiting Of The Scenes: Thomas Demand’s Works' (Art and Design magazine, 2014)
- 'Revival Of Modernism' (New Graphic magazine, 2014)
- 'CAFA in my memory' (ART CHINA website, 2014)
- 'Identity, Communities, Compatriots: Art of Marlene Dumas' (ART CHINA website, 2014)
- 'X rating artist Marlene Dumas' (99YS website)
- 'Designer: Nurse, doctor, medical researcher: Interview Thomas Castro' (ART CHINA website)
- 'New Nomads: New Traditional Jewellery 2012 show' (Houshidai website)
- 'China University Students’ Art-Design Works Year Book 2009'
- 'Outstanding graduation works of China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2008'
- 'BIKE:Experimental Teaching In China Central Academy of Fine Arts 2007'
- 'PAPER: Experimental Teaching In China Central Academy of Fine Arts 2006'
- 'INSECT: Experimental Teaching In China Central Academy of Fine Arts 2006'

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