Milk the farmer, drink the cow

Research description
The research is a methodology for a writer to substantially explore and better understand the elements of a fictional story (characters, settings). To do so, the writer either makes or commissions visual or performative artworks. These pieces are questioned by the writer and his collaborators from different perspectives. For instance, the perspective of a historian, or a forensic psychologist. This questioning process happens from the moment of conceptualisation of the piece and continues after its completion. It is by addressing these questions that the writer gathers information about the characters and the world they inhabit. The use of different perspectives lets the writer consider possibilities he might otherwise miss.

Project description
The project is a story for an animated film in which a man’s life falls to chaos because he does not dare to speak his mind. This man lives in a kingdom ruled by a tyrannical child; he is surrounded by people who either worship or detest the regime. The resentful ones are being trained by a mysterious outsider. The man is threatened by both sides, so he does not dare to criticize them. Every time he omits to speak his mind, things get worse and worse, and worse, and worse.



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