Aron Birtalan

Aron Birtalan

Master of Film

Image credit: Daniel Donato 

Áron Birtalan is a Hungarian-born artist who makes games and rituals in everyday environments. Working together with participants and their imagination as an artistic medium, he explores the nature of human interaction by facilitating collaborative experiences, called Transformation Games. Through his work, Áron encourages people to tap into a playful territory, where art, games and magic mingle. His work draws upon the history of transformation through playing and, as a whole playfulness' role in society. He currently lives in The Netherlands, running the experimental platform Secret Fiction.

With a background in music, writing and role-playing, Áron is interested in delivering his practice outside of the conventional realms of art and into alternative platforms of politics and education. He is also active as a musician and co-runs a three-week children's fantasy camp in rural Hungary.

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