Eye see too, in You - Friendship beyond Language

Stefan Pavlović:

My practice comes out of a difficulty with verbal language.
Stuttering as a child and a teenager left me in a way voiceless.

I wonder what language means with regard to closeness:
language as something that lives between you and me.
The camera, also something that can live in between you and me.

So my question is: Is there such a thing as an intimate camera?
I wonder whether we can go beyond just ‘capturing’,
and push the camera into a space of creation, a move I call:
from filming intimacy to filming intimately.

Stefan Pavlović investigates in his research, Eye see too, in You - Friendship beyond Language, whether the cinema apparatus can overcome the limits of verbal language.
Can the camera be a tool to practice intimacy with and through?
Can we look together?

His feature film in process, Looking for Horses, shows a growing friendship between the filmmaker himself and Zdravko, a fisherman he meets by a lake in Bosnia, who lost most of his hearing during the war in former Yugoslavia and later on also his sight in one eye, when a battery exploded. Even though different in age and background, Stefan recognises Zdravko’s isolation and difficulty to connect to others. Within this growing bond, he explores the possibilities to use the camera as a tool to overcome the gaps in communication, the silence and the lack of common language between Zdravko and himself.




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