Timo Geschwill

Timo Geschwill

Master of Film

My name is Timo Geschwill (1981, Germany) I am driven to reflect upon the relation between media, technology and society from a subjective point of view. In particular, I am fascinated by conventions, societal rules, preconceived notions and labels we construct and asign towards ourselfs and our fellow human beings. My artwork deals with the restrictiveness and closedness of these concepts. Acting in accordance with and accepting these complex wholes is what makes sense to us as a society and as human beings and makes us belong and conform. By playing with and resisting conventions I want to explore how they determine our perception and experience. My ambition is to create new settings, spatially and visually as well as narrative experiments that makes us perceive and experience cinema in new ways. In my current research I explore the space between cinema and virtual reality and how the conventional experience of cinema changes in virtual reality.   

Previous education

  • Image and Media Technology, (HKU, Utrecht, The Netherlands)
  • Philosophy and Musicology (Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany)   



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