As far as I can see

In her documentary practice, Marleine van der Werf researches how to immerse in someone else’s experience. Her projects are inspired by people with a radically different perception of reality that challenge her assumptions. Van der Werf translates their experiences using haptic cinema and XR. By inviting an audience inside another perception of reality, she aims to stimulate imagination and curiosity as a tool to reflect on polarisation. In her research she develops her own methods and collaborates with other disciplines that are on a similar quest. The next focus point in the research will be to explore the experience of the spectator.

 In her new project ‘The Living dead’ she combines several elements of her practice and artistic research.

The multidisciplinary project 'The Living Dead' is an intimate journey in which the fragile relationship with our biological body is questioned. The story is told from the perspective of a patient who suffers from the rare Cotard Syndrome and has lost connection with her body. To experience this Van der Werf and her collaborators develop various presentation forms, including a short film and a multi-sensory installation. They use an immersive sound experience, a floating tank, scent, wearables, touch, and virtual reality to make the experience tangible. It's a project situated at the intersection of different disciplines and, based on its investigative nature, researches ways to represent this experience in different presentation forms. During try-outs of the prototype, they research these components to understand how this influences the experience of the spectator.



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