Victorine van Alphen

Victorine van Alphen

Master of Film

I [human, 1988] am a Trans-Disciplinary Researcher, Audio-Visual Artist, Curator, Futurologist and Philosopher from Amsterdam, part of the Dutch National ThinkTank. I was educated as audio-visual artist at the Rietveld University of Applied sciences in Fine arts and design, and Cooper Union for the advancement of Science and Art 2011-2015, as artistic researcher at the Research Master of Film at The Netherlands Filmacademy* and as Philosopher and Interdisciplinary Scientist at the University of Amsterdam (2008-2012). 

*Currently I am graduating with IVF-X:Posthuman parenting in hybrid reality and the experimental research Dreaming like an Alien in collaboration with the VR academy. IVF-X is A post-human reproduction procedure to breed and meet your own Cyborg-baby in *hybrid reality.: IVF-X is a human-guided audiovisual installation in physical and virtual reality, that provides a sensory, socially and philosophically stimulating interactive ‘post-human parenting’ experience: immersive, reflective, uncanny, sensual. More info can be found on my website: 

In all my works and collaborations I play with our present from a future perspective. Intrigued by the human tension between sensual experience and rationality – between senses and systems – I create and discuss meaning through the experimental use of media and methods. I collaborate and create on the verge of performance and installation: I create realities that reflect and transform the known in tangible perspectives on the possible using theatrical.

"To me, technologies are like lines of logics, that you can draw into the future." As a futurological artist and philosopher, Victorine van Alphen looks at designs, trends, culture, hardware, software, social expectations, language etc for the internal logics. "I look at the world with the understanding that nothing is 'normal', everything has its own particular and often constructed or internalized way of ‘dancing’; of moving from A to B. On every level - from the intimate to the technological - I play with those ‘logics’ to create new forms and shift meanings."

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