inter-view; what is this wall between you and me

based on a family interview, vatae kimlee focuses on the gap between her and the older generation, caused by a fast development of korean society. by listening to her grandparents, she looks back on her feelings of disconnection and emptiness.   

she is obsessed with a place called “songrim-dong” where her grandparents lived but demolished due to korean urbanism. by conducting background research of the place, she finds missing paths that have been erased over time. she tries to create connections with older generations by putting light on shadowed memories of the old place that have been neglected because they are too earthy and worthless. 

what is the difference between a dialogue and an interview? how should I use the recording device between you and me? why am I obsessed with this place? how should I tell these stories? while asking these questions throughout 2 years, she is making a short animation, piecing together her and her grandparents’ story.

visual abstract artistic research



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