With his artistic research “Super(im)positions: Subverting melodramatic representation through personal unpredictability”, Emilio Santoyo explores the possibilities of using outdated melodramatic elements of cinematic representation in a new way, dissolving the intersection between the personal and the fictional as a tool for creating a redemptive act of filmmaking. He created the concept of the “New Melodrama”; a self-reflective genre deviation that, by acknowledging it’s perversity; aims to destroy melodramatic toxic knowledge, portraying a contemporary, complex, and personal way of feeling.

As his graduation project, Emilio will presenting a “Work in progress” cut of his new feature film: “Vera, Vera, Vera (Or the bizarre behaviour of broken hearts)”, which he developed and shot during the MA programme, using a wide range of methodologies, capture formats and supports. Through an essayistic approach, the film blurs the lines between fiction and reality through an experimental fictional narrative.

Made in close collaboration with Mei Liu, David Calderón, Valerya Le, and Malaz Usta -who also participate as on-screen actors-, the film follows an invisible storyteller reflecting about a lost love, while contemplating at Vera, a young filmmaker living in Amsterdam, who attempts to overcome a depression by making a film about her romantic breakup. Meanwhile, in Mexico, Edu – Vera’s ex- edits a telenovela, while thinking about getting her back. A melodramatic kaleidoscope of love and violence unfolds, where fiction and reality become indistinguishable.

Visual Abstract Artistic Research



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