Dimitra Alexiou

Dimitra Alexiou

Composing for Film

Dimitra is a talented composer, originated from Greece and now based in the Netherlands, who has been studying and working as a film composer for the past few years, having already collaborated with directors in both Greece and the Netherlands. She has a master’s degree in Systemic Musicology from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, a diploma in classical piano performance, and has studied classical harmony, counterpoint and early music composition.

Dimitra is always searching to find the music that the film needs and to support its message and aesthetics. She is always looking for original ideas and concepts without overlooking the medium. Her compositional style is diverse; so far she has experimented with western art music, arabic music, electronic elements, and is really interested in exploring more pop and rock styles.

Her debut work in the film industry was with Greek director Yorgos Linardos on his graduation film, Lovehaters (Yorgos Linardos, 2022), and they have since started a collaboration on his next projects and visions. During her master studies and collaboration with the Netherlands Film Academy she composed music for the documentaries Ik meer van jou (Nour Alkheder, 2023) and Vaders Zijn Ook Zonen (Sammy Shefa Idris, 2024), as well as for the fiction films Showtime! (Jim Aronds, 2023) and De anatomie van een meermin (Carmen Maria, 2024). The thesis she wrote and presented on ''Minimal music in Film'' has been acclaimed by her professors and colleagues, and it included an original minimal score for the film Big, Bad and Scary (Jonathan Waite, TBA). During the last year of her studies she scored two commercials for the Film Academy and she also collaborated with animators from the ArtEZ animation department, writing music for two animations, Ball is Life (Jonah Kracht) and Little Pies in the Sky (Neyshme Yanarico), the music for which was recorded with full orchestra at the FAME studios in Skopje, North Macedonia.

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