Nick Verschoor

Nick Verschoor

Composing for Film

Born and raised in the Hague, the Netherlands, Nick Verschoor (1994) started his musical journey playing guitar and bass in as many bands he could through high school. He studied Music Education at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and because of his love for film, continued his studies with a master Composition for Film at the Royal Conservatory of Amsterdam and The Netherlands Film Academy.

During his studies in Amsterdam, he developed his own style in which he combines acoustic and electronic elements in his scores. With a background in pop and rock music and a love for colorful arrangements, he's not wary of big gestures and small experimentations. This can be experienced in various of his films and projects, which are listed below. He also collaborated with the FAMES Institute in Skopje, North Macedonia multiple times to record his orchestral scores.

V-v-vloeiend (Ronald Zuidinga, 2023)
Mama's Boy (Merel Hogerheijde, 2023)
Op De Huid (Kristjan Knigge, 2023)
Money Makers (Ole Kroes, 2023)
A Taste of Friendship (Merel Hogerheijde, Sammy Shefa Idris, 2024)
De Toekomst Is Failliet (Suzanne Koopstra, 2024)
Januari (Jetske Lieber, 2024)

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