Stijn Valentijn Grul

Stijn Valentijn Grul

Composing for Film

Stijn Valentijn Grul is a Dutch film composer. Besides composing he works as a producer and mixing engineer.

For his bachelor's he was studying my vocal chords for four years. He is a trained singer and can use any vocal quality, which is very related to audio production and is very important and necessary to master if you want to be a successful film composer. Moreover, he is specified in the direction of the more technical side of the craft.

Stijn composes music for film to elevate the mood that is presented to you through motion pictures. From a dramaturgical point of view, every film needs a different approach. This is what Stijn loves about composing because every film will be a new challenge or journey.

Last year he scored Pleasant Hell (Suzanne Koopstra), which was screened during the International Rotterdam Film Festival, and the film Oude Honden Blaffen (Dirkje Duwel). During his graduation year Stijn worked on Mijn Lief Kind (Maarten de Schutter), which was a very emotional, but very inspirational. And Goudvink (Amanuel Feben Demoz), which is a pilot of a series. Lastly, he scored an animation film called Argus Eyed for which he recorded a full orchestra in FAMES Studio in North Macedonia. 

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