María Molina Peiró

María Molina Peiró is a Spanish filmmaker and audio-visual artist. She works in an open format mixing film, animation and digital media. She started her career combining video and new technologies. One of her early works Silogism was chosen to participate in the International Festival Art Futura. Since then she has been working on a wide range of music videos, fiction, documentaries and advertising. Beyond these commissioned works, she has also had art works shown in international festivals and museums, including MACBA (Barcelona), EYE Film museum, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (CAAC) and Centre de Cultura Contemporània Barcelona (CCCB). Her portfolio includes collaborations with filmmakers and choreographers like Julio Medem (Caótica Ana) and Dani Panullo (Camel).  

Since 2015, she has focused on a research project where she explores the intersections between different memory systems (Human Memory, Digital Memory, Historical Memory and Geology). 

The Vertical Horizon (Towards an Ecology of Memory) | One Year Life Strata | The Refuge

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We have never been so aware that our present will be a memory in the future. 

Our age is experiencing a confluence of breakthroughs in our understanding of memory, from neuroscience to digital memory. All these changes are creating a deepening awareness of memory in our society, but this awareness comes together with a growing fear of forgetting and being forgotten.

The goal of my artistic research is twofold.  On the one hand to create a reflection and awareness about our irrational fear of forgetting and our obsession with the past. And on the other, to think actively about how positive forgetting could be, in individual and collective terms, as a way to overcome our fear. 

One Year Life Strata is a new media project that emerged from an experiment Maria Molina did in 2015. After impulsively recollecting her daily life with a camera during a full year, the experiment became an interactive project that offers a novel experience on digital forgetting and data visualisation. The project intends to open a reflection on the indiscriminate use of digital memory and the value of forgetting. 

The interactive installation is composed of three screens and a data topographic section, of the full year’s images, printed in 3d.  

The Refuge is an experimental film (in development) driven by a main question: What elements of our identity continue when memory disappears?

In The Refuge a granddaughter becomes obsessed with her grandmother´s dementia delirium, making her wonder if her illness revealed a buried self she never knew. The dialogues between the grandmother and granddaughter -some remembered and some imagined- lead us through the granddaughter’s exploration about what part of the self remains when memory vanish.  

In this experimental film, documentary language and fiction are interweaved to create a labyrinth of mirrors, full of questions about memory and forgetting.