EYE, Cinema 2

Research Presentations with extended Q&A:  ‘A Personal Take - Ethics of Double Responsibility’ 
14:00 - 16:45

Whose stories do we tell? By re-appropriating encounters with 'them' through 'I', makers carry direct responsibility for the stories, performances and emotions they got entrusted with. How do you, as a maker, deal with the obligations towards the characters you can no longer refer to as impersonal 'him', 'her' or 'it', but have become a 'you' - familiarized through the encounter, sitting across the table?
Presentations by Lisa-Marie Vlietstra, Daniel Donato and Alex Perry. 

Lisa-Marie Vlietstra
Fractal Story Spaces – ‘’Trust Me, Touch Me, Assume Me’’
The Seventh Pain is an imagined ‘film’ about the lives of Leni Tanzer. It will be explored through three expanded cinema performances that question the (ab)use of power in relation to the (ab)use of trust; viewed from different perspectives within different relationships in confrontation with the construction of cinema.

Daniel Donato
Looking for the real person
Daniel Donato will elaborate on the research and production process of his film ‘Hello Cinta Pertamaku.’ He questions the authority of himself as a maker, collaborating with his main protagonist Agnes. During this presentation Daniel will show several fragments from the film. Agnes will be present and perform a song from the film live.

Alex Perry
Leading to the extended Q&A on ethics and responsibility, Alex Perry will briefly present his research into the authorship and ethics of appropriation. Weaving together elements of his fiction work and video-journal in this performative presentation, he will lay grounds for the further discussion of his practice and the subject matter.