Rami Nihawi - Life is But A Fantasy

Lecture in three chapters

Rami El-Nihawi’s research is split in two. Through the use of different forms of media, the complexity of the subject matter is being freed through fiction.

One side of the research deals with the theme of exile and the re-appropriation of narratives as a way to overcome that traumatic experience. The other side focuses on understanding the working conditions within the established film industry and the limitations that are imposed on the creative process of an independent artist.

At the moment, his observations are represented through different work-in-progress projects:

1. A collaborative online platform where artists and their audience, -believing that the role of art is to stimulate discussions around the subjects that concern their societies-, are invited to be part of a community in which they can develop and produce artistic projects within a democratic environment.

2. To design film-making as an interactive medium to avoid the trap of 'film as an end-product', and to bring attention to the cinematographic experience and the debate that this kind of experience is intended to provoke. It is an attempt to destabilise the spectators’ passive consumer position by involving them more in the film-making process, and to confront them with their responsibilities as partners in that creative process.

The live presentation will take you into the three dimensions of his research. Each presentation is followed by an open discussion with the audience.

Saturday 16 October, 14.00 & Sunday 17 October, 15.30
Life is But a Fantasy, Lecture in three chapters
MACA, Amsterdam

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