The 2-year international MA programme at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam gives you the time, space and support to develop your creative voice by undertaking artistic research.

The MA programme is a certified course, taught in English, open to all professionals with a bachelor degree in (all sub-disciplines of) film, visual arts, digital media or performing arts, with at least three or four years of experience in their field and with an interesting research topic and a related project idea. 

Unique programme

The 'Artistic Research in Film' programme is unique in its kind, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Our participants and tutors come from all over the world and from a variety of artistic and professional backgrounds. We invite no more than ten participants a year, so it’s highly selective. The program is custom made so you will design your own research trajectory and have your own mentor. Your research can be conceptual, technical or both. You will have a lot of freedom to experiment and a budget to do so. In all, it is an intense and challenging experience… professionally, artistically and intellectually.

Candidates who wish to be admitted to the Master’s Degree Programme in Film should complete an application form, accompanied by several enclosures, including examples of previous work. Candidates will be assessed in terms of the quality of their work, their motivation and experience, and their research plan.
Not only do we ask candidates to explain their motives for embarking on a Master’s Degree programme at this point, but we also expect them to have a vision of the manner in which the programme might contribute towards such development.

An essential component of the application is the research plan. The plan should define a question, topic or field of interest that you wish to address during the two years of the programme. It should explain how this question, topic or interest is related to, or comes out of  your artistic practice and what the potential relevance of it could be for your artistic field and beyond. The plan should also indicate the approach or method that you think to use.

The research plan needs to be accompanied by a proposal for a concrete project that you wish to develop within the Master’s course and that could serve as a test case for your research. This project can be in any genre, any film discipline or any other artistic or media field.

It goes without saying that both the research plan and the project proposal may be adjusted or modified during the course of the programme. 

A TOEFL or IELTS language test is not required when applying. However in some cases, if there is still doubt about the level of English after reading the application and meeting for an interview, the course may demand a language test as part of the application/admission after all.

Students are expected to have their own simple camera and laptop computer, on which they are able to edit film footage.

Selection criteria
Students are admitted on the basis of their CV and portfolio, their motivation and their research and project plan. They are also assessed on their ability to contribute to a group as well as work independently.

Selection procedure
A selection committee assesses all applications submitted, on the basis of which it makes a selection of candidates who are to be invited for an interview. In order to prepare for this, the committee may request additional information.

The selection procedure includes a live conversation with the selection committee. Group dynamics and communication are important, which is why we like to see and speak to the candidates. Neither Skype nor conventional phones offer sufficient insight to this end.

Interview dates
The interview dates are fixed. If however you already expect to be unable to attend on the interview dates, for valid reasons, please state this clearly in your application, as well as the dates on which you will be available. If you are taken ill unexpectedly, we will contact you to arrange an alternative date.

Selection committee
Once the interview round has been completed, the committee ultimately chooses those students who are to be offered places in the programme. The selection committee comprises the educational team and one or more independent advisors.

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For the enrollment and registration procedure, also read Practical matters


Deadline for application

Friday 12 January 2018


Information evenings

22 & 30 November



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