Sander Blom | mentor Master of Film

Sander Blom (1963), graduated at the Netherlands Film Academy (documentary) in 1993. Initially collaborating with visual artist Mels van Zutphen, a number of experimental documentary and fictional shorts was produced. A shared fascination for science continues to be an important ingredient in their - often humorous - individual works since this partnership became dormant. These films are shown at film festivals as well as museums and art galleries internationally. 

Pol Eggermont (dramaturg, concept developer, NL)

Pol Eggermont studied Theatre and Film at the University of Amsterdam. He worked as a dramaturg for Alles voor de Kunsten, Toneelschuur Producties and Noord Nederlands Toneel. As a concept developer, he has contributed to many cultural events, exhibitions and publications in old and new media. Presently Eggermont is the new artistic director of Feikes Huis, a production platform for object theatre. Visit his website here

Albert Elings (documentary filmmaker and editor, NL)

Albert Elings graduated in 1991 at the Netherlands Film Academy and in 2007 at Utrecht University with a master in cultural history. He is a documentary film maker and film editor. He is interested in the aesthetics of temporality and therefore often works with found footage. His filmography includes ‘Scaryman' (co-dir), 'A daily life’,  'The royal wedding tapes', ‘Foreland' (co-dir), 'What stays moves', 'Fields of Margraten', ‘Hinterland'.

Eugenie Jansen (documentary filmmaker, NL)

Eugenie Jansen is a Dutch director of documentary films and fiction features and a combination between both genres. She graduated in 1991 at the Netherlands Film Academy. Her debut film ‘Tussenland’ (2002) won a Tiger Award at the Rotterdam Film Festival, ‘Calimucho’ (2008) premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, just like  ‘Above Us All’ (2014), a conceptual 3D film about mourning set against the backdrop of the Great War Heritage industry in Ypres, Belgium.

Laurent van Lancker (filmmaker, BE)

Laurent  Van Lancker studied both Filmmaking (IAD) and Anthropology (MA, M.Phil. in SOAS, London). His early documentaries illuminate social, religious and artistic aspects of different cultures, e.g. ‘Ymako’ or ‘Moving with the Clouds’. He has made  experimental travel diaries, but also short fiction films, dance-videos, and a surrealist long feature documentary.  He regularly lectures about audiovisual anthropology and documentary and is one of the founders of Polymorfilms and VOX (a media-activist collective). 

Maartje Nevejan (filmmaker, NL)

Maartje Nevejan is an award-winning independent filmmaker (based in Amsterdam), with a background in theatre and multimedia. Her work researches and expresses the raw poetic quality of reality. She is best known for multimedia productions like 14 and one stations (2000), Couscous & Cola (2004) and The National Canta Ballet (2012). Visit her website here.

Floris Paalman (documentary filmmaker, researcher lecturer, NL)

Floris Paalman, PhD, is a documentary filmmaker, researcher and lecturer at the Department of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam. He is a staff member of the MA programme ‘Preservation & Presentation of the Moving Image’, teaches courses on film archiving, curating, media history, and research methods. He holds degrees in filmmaking, cultural anthropology, and media studies, and has a special interest in architecture and urbanism. 

Vesna Petresin (transdisciplinary artist and thinker, SL)

Vesna Petresin (born in Ljubljana, works and lives in Berlin and London) is a transdisciplinary artist and thinker with a PhD for research on temporal composition in architecture, art and music. She has a practice as a time-architect, composing and performing with sound, light, rhythm, space, movement, text and code. She is a Visiting Fellow with Goldsmiths College, University of London, and currently an Artist-in-Residence at the Master of Film / Netherlands Film Academy with an artistic research project on media and imagination.

Michel Schöpping (sound designer, NL)

Michel Schöpping got his master’s degree in Musicology at the Utrecht University. Since 1978 he is a composer, sound designer and mixer for feature- and documentary films. From 2004 to now Michel specializes in sound design for (international) feature films. In 2007 Michel became a teacher at the Netherlands Film Academy.

Rada Sesič (filmmaker, critic, programmer, HR)

Rada Sesič was born in former Yugoslavia and currently lives in The Netherlands. Sesič is specialized in South Asian and Eastern European cinema. She is associated with IDFA, IFFR and NIF (Dutch Institute for film education) as well as Sarajevo Film Festival and Kerala Film Festival. She teaches and gives workshops world wide and has directed four award winning shorts and documentaries that were screened at several festivals and also presented and archived at MoMA, New York. Visit her website here

Hidde Simons (director, actor, acting coach, NL)

Hidde Simons is an actor, a producer, a 1st Assitant Director, a Casting Director, an Acting Coach and a Director. He has been working on a wide number of (international) films.  

As an acting coach Hidde coaches and accompanies actors and directors during film shoots, rehearsals and castings. Also he gives Masterclasses and training in the professional field on Directing Actors.
Directorial credits include several short films, music videos and 3 feature films. 

Visit his website here


Sander Blom (NL), Wineke van Muiswinkel (NL) 

Former mentors

Marjoleine Boonstra 2010-2011 (filmmaker, NL), Stefaan Decostere 2009-2012 (artist, producer BE), Albert Elings (documentary filmmaker, editor, NL), Laurent van Lancker 2017-2018 (filmmaker, anthropologist, BE), Petra Lataster 2009-2010 (filmmaker, NL), Aneta Lesnikovska (MO), Patrick Minks (director, screenwriter and editor, NL), Rada Sesic (critic, filmmaker and a programmer, HR)


Artists in Residence (AIR)

Vesna Petrisin, Jyoti Mistry (SA), Franz Rodenkirchen (D)
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