Working Frames: Final presentation Ginta Vasermane

In December 2012, Ginta Tinte Vasermane graduated from the Master of Film with an exhibition of five video works. The location was an old garage in Amsterdam, transformed into an exhibition space, Service Garage.
As she explained in the public interview that Bart Rutten, curator of the Stedelijk Museum, held with her at the opening, the bare space of the garage suited the nature of Vasermane’s exhibition, because she used the exhibition as yet another moment in her research. Just like in the research project that she undertook during her master’s study – which focused on the relation between space, movement and social context – she used the exhibition to see what possible ways of positioning the works in space would work best & how the audience would move through the space, how they would go from one work to the next.

Two of the works Vasermane showed were choreographies of bodies in (industrial) space. The other three added ‘work’ as another dimension: bodies at work in space. But ‘work’ with a catch. In one video we saw garbage men and women fighting to get a space on the carbage truck; the other two played with behavorial rules of office work – showing us office workers who slowly destroy several filing cabinets or, the other video, office workers who use the cabinets to hide between, hold on to or reach out for one another. Moving images, in every sense of the word.

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