Master of Film Lecture: Vesna Petresin - Constructed Immersion (Wednesday 2 Nov)

woensdag 02 november 2016, 19:30 - 22:00 uur

Time-based media such as film, music or games allow the artists to express their reality as dynamic, evolving and transforming. How can we create a sense of being-in-space? 

Quantum phyiscs shows that reality depends on the observer. Pythagoras argues that material form is being continuously transformed in response to dynamic forces from its environment. Similarly, digital culture appreciates space structured by information, where the material world is shaped by the immaterial data: frequency, rhythm, movement, behaviour.

Space is fluid rather than solid, inhabited by events unfolding in time. Bergson argues there is no perception without affection. We perceive, construct and navigate their environment using all senses - this fact can help artists intensify audience’s engagement with a work of art regardless of culture, and enhance immersion where the response to a physical or artificial environment is “as if real”.

Vesna Petrisin will reflect on these questions through an overview of her works in which she examines the relationship between the media and the senses, between technology and the body, between the artist and the audience, and between culture and the subconscious.

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Dr. Vesna Petresin (born in Ljubljana, works and lives in London and Berlin) is a transdisciplinary artist and thinker. She has a practice as a time-architect, composing and performing with sound, light, rhythm, space, movement, text and code. 

She has exhibited and performed at Tate Modern, ArtBasel Miami, Royal Festival Hall, Royal Academy of Arts, Venice Biennale, Cannes Festival, ICA, Sydney Opera House, Vienna Secession, ZKM... 

Currently a Visiting Fellow at Goldsmiths and Director of the London-based art collective and think tank Rubedo, she has lectured and published internationally (Springer, Thames & Hudson, Wiley Academy)

Petresin’s practice explores embodiment, transformation, manipulation of time and movement, synaesthesia, alongside the barriers between the intimate and the public sphere. Using her voice and movement meditation, she constructs a trichotomy of structures: sound, image and light, exploring the concept of time in relation to body, movement, space and emotions.