Master Lecture | THE NEED FOR CINEMA by Lisandro Alonso

woensdag 07 november 2018, 19:30 - 21:30 uur

Argentinian filmmaker Lisandro Alonso is the most maverick of the many mavericks of the New Argentine Cinema – not only because as a young man he started making films totally under his own steam, but also because his style is so utterly uncompromising. The main focus of his films is on people who exist on the farthest margins of Argentine society. 

Showing fragments of his films, Alonso Lisandro will offer us a glimpse into the making of his films. He will discuss his drive, his working methods, his style, his sources of inspirations and his plans for new projects… 

About Lisandro Alonso
Born in Buenos Aires in 1975, Lisandro Alonso studied for three years at the local Universidad del Ciné (FUC) and then made his first short film Dos en la Vereda (1995). After working as a sound engineer, he returned to directing to make his first feature, La libertad (2000), which was selected for the Cannes Film Festival (Un Certain Regard 2001). In 2003 he founded 4L, a production company based in Buenos Aires, to produce his own films. In 2004, he was once again in Cannes with Los muertos, shown in the Director’s Fortnight. In 2006 Fantasma was presented in Cannes and in 2008 he completed his fourth feature, Liverpool, that premiered in that same year at the Director’s Fortnight. 

In 2016 Lisandro travelled to Cannes again with Jauja, which was presented in Un Certain Regard. Now 43, Alonso has five feature films under his belt, Eureka is the title of the new project he is working on at the moment. 

P.s. From 8-16 November Lisandro Alonso is Artist in Focus at the Cinematek in Brussels, where they will show a retrospective of his work as well as his selection of interesting films from the Cinematek’s archive. 
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