IFFR impressions

We asked the ten new students that started the Master’s Degree Programme 2013-2015 in January to share some of their impressions of International Film Festival Rotterdam with us. Here are some of their stories.

Bram Loogman: The dance of sympathy as a chemical formula

A metaphorical scientific approach to 'Modest Reception', Mani Haghighi (Iran 2012) and 'Post Tenebras Lux', Carlos Reygadas (Mexico 2012).
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Mirka Duijn: Karaoke Girl

About 'Karaoke Girl', Visra Vichit Vadaka (Thailand 2013)
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Momchil Alexiev: A transparent mystery

About 'Chechov's Motivs' by Kira Muratova (Romania 2002)
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Signe Tøra Karsrud: Point of departure: everything in existence has a vibrational frequency

About the feeling of trusting or distrusting the film.  
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