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Balint Mark Turi (Hungary 1980) has BA's in both Psychology and Film Directing. He has made various short films, commercials and music video's, some of which were shown on festivals in and outside Hungary. He has started the Master's Degree in Film in 2012.

In April the Following Year, There Was A Fire

Wichanon Somumjarn (Thailand 2012)

During the film, I had no idea what this was all about. It felt like random scenes put one after the other, without any connection. But at the moment when the film finished, all of a sudden I got the whole picture as if the pieces of a puzzle had been given to me. Once I had all of them it was obvious how they would fit together.

'In April...' is a very personal film about a young man at the point of a big change in his life. He  decides to quit his already suspended studies to become a filmmaker. As he returns to his home town for Songkran (Thai New Year, 13th-15th April) he encounters his memories, which are relevant in his current situation, like the memory of his brother's jellyfish accident that prevented him from joining the navy that he always dreamt about. Also some documentary scenes are added, featuring the director's father and brother, underlining the film's autobiographical quality.

Besides the personal stories and memories the film manages to present a political context through filtering in sounds of the radio reporting about the riots in Bangkok. The title itself also refers to the riots that took place in April 2010 when the police opened fire on the crowd. In addition to this we see the images of a particular Thai New Year celebration when people are shooting at each other with water pistols.

Somumjarn created his film using the 'stream of consciousness' method, putting together bits and pieces, simulating the flow of one's thoughts, that might be strange for the viewer at first sight, and definitely taxes her patience, but also allows a deeper insight into the way the filmmaker perceives his environment and associates it with his memories, connecting social and personal issues.

Balint Mark Turi