The Master Film in Utrecht

The Netherlands Film Festival has selected 3 master graduation films and 10 bachelor graduation films for its Student Competition. The selected films made by master students are: 'The Hornhunter' by Noël Loozen, 'Str. Drapelului nr.0' by Anca Oproiu and Jack Faber's 'Drone Drive By'.

The Netherlands Film Festival takes place from 24 September - 3 October 2014 in Utrecht.

The Hornhunter - Noël Loozen

Noël is looking for a girlfriend. But how, he wonders, do you make yourself visible to the other sex? Online, he comes across The Human Birds: men that mount ship’s horns on the roofs of their cars and hoot with a vengeance on desolate terrains. Noël realizes he needs a horn like this too. Via e-mail, he gets in touch with the master in the trade: The Hornhunter.

Friday 26 Sept. 21:15 at Louis Hartlooper Complex 2
Monday 29 Sept. 15:30 at Louis Hartlooper Complex 2

Tickets: NFF website
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Str. Drapelului nr.0 - Anca Oproiu

In a suburb of a Romanian city in the year 1985, a former Miss Seacoast, a retired police inspector, a lonely hunter, a cook, a jilted boy scout and twin sisters run a local office of the secret service.Black comedy, painting an absurd picture of communism in Romania.

Saturday 27 Sept. 14:15 at Louis Hartlooper Complex 2
Tuesday 30 Sept. 19:00 at Louis Hartlooper Complex 2

Tickets: NFF website
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Drone Drive By - Jack Faber

Documentary about how drone operators experience firing at targets or people from huge distances in a safe environment. Several drone pilots talk candidly about their thoughts and emotions in the voice-over, along with grainy grey footage of an attack in Afghanistan.

Saturday 27 Sept. 16:45 at Louis Hartlooper Complex 2
Thursday 2 Oct. 21:15 at Louis Hartlooper Complex 2

Tickets: NFF website
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