Awards for Mirka Duijn

'Last Hijack Interactive', a project Master of Film student Mirka Duijn has worked on with Submarine, has won the Prix Europa for Best European Online Project.

The latest news is that 'Last Hijack Interactive' has also been awarded the Digital Emmy Award in the non fiction category.

Mirka worked as Interactive Director on 'Last Hijack Interactive', an online transmedia experience about piracy in Somalia. The interface allows users to view the story from multiple perspectives.

Mirka will be graduating from the Master of Film in June 2015.

Production company: Submarine
Key staff: Femke Wolting, Mirka Duijn, Tommy Pallotta, Bruno Felix, Gijs Kattenberg, Christiaan de Rooij, Gustavo Garcia, Aaron Sacco, Ahmed Arsi, Systemantics

Mirka Duijn
Last Hijack Interactive
Prix Europa
Digital Emmy nomination

Mirka Duijn