Update: Alumni 2011

In September 2011, our first seven students graduated. How are they doing? Check these three:

Bogomir Doringer
Reinier Noordzij
Taatske Pieterson

Bogomir Doringer: artist in residence at MuseumsQuartier, Vienna

From 23 February, Bogomir Doringer participates in a group show The Digital Uncanny (Das Digitale Unheimliche) in the Edith Russ Kunsthaus in Oldenburg, one of the oldest German media art museums. On 24 February, he will do a lecture performance about his life and work in the context of a theater festival called GO WEST. After that, he will join the discussion about recent cuts in cultural funding in the Netherlands. In both talks he will be speaking from the point of an immigrant who came to the West from former Yugoslavia.

Doringer got invited to further develop his ferrofluid sculpture in Vienna as part of the MuseumsQuartier artists in residency program. This ferrofluid sculpture was part of 'Hospitality', his graduation project at the master's. He will present the sculpture in June in the Museum für moderne Kunst Stiftung Ludwig (Mumok) as part of the big exhibition Technosensual. The sculpture will be developed in collaboration with the Technical University of Vienna and Austrian experts in magnetic fields. Iris van Herpen will join the project. After Vienna this work will travel to the Paris Fashion Week and Rome.
During spring, Doringer will work as an art director on a theatre dance project by a Polish choreographer. It will be on magic. In August 2011, Doringer gave a lecture in the new ArtScience Museum in Singapore. In September 2012, he will present 'Hospitality' and the new ferrofluid sculpture developed in Vienna in the same museum. Furthermore, the museum is interested in engaging Doringer in a workshop with local art students. In October-November 2012, 'Hospitality' will be presented in Switzerland and Doringer will lecture about the construction of the project and its relation to the mass media. In January-February 2013, 'Hospitality' will presented at G12 HUB gallery in Belgrade.

Reinier Noordzij’s work in progress: Edwin

Reinier Noordzij has been working on the comedy series EDWIN. Together with Mark Timmer and Ferdi Stofmeel he has been developing the script and the format and done a lot of writing and talking about the characters, style, storylines, themes, etc. With broadcaster BNN, they will try to make a full 25 minute pilot episode for the TVLab, to be broadcast in summer. “The casting at Kemna Casting was an absolute delight. Really nice to see all the hard work we've been putting into it paying off: it was the first time the actors were working with our lines, our scenes, our ideas. And it worked out very well. We were even able to make a blooper reel out of our casting tapes because of the actors cracking up. We had a lot of fun. And in the meantime we've already cast the five most important parts of this first pilot episode.”

In december, Noordzij was also able to work as a directing assistant on the set of the new Paul Verhoeven film The Entertainment Experience for a couple of days. It is supposed to be the first user generated movie. “It was nice to get the opportunity to be on set with Paul Verhoeven. I enjoyed being able watching him work, cause he gives a lot of attention to his actors and regards 'directing actors' very highly, so I was able to learn a thing or two.”

Noordzij sold the documentary 'Eskalibur' which he made as part of his graduation to TV West, a regional broadcasting company. On the side line he is trying to develop a new documentary, did some acting work and did some work at Kemna Casting, helping out when necessary.

Taatske Pieterson: exhibition Panorama Heesterveld

In Amsterdam, Panorama Heesterveld by Taatske Pieterson has been exhibited at the Bijlmerpark Theatre.

In 2011, Taatske Pieterson graduated with this huge photo collage of 12 x 3 meters. She lived in the Amsterdam neighborhood of Heesterveld (Zuid-Oost) for a year and took some 3000 pictures of people on the streets. The separate pictures were integrated into the panorama. According to Pieterson, it is an ‘individual group portrait’.

The opening of the exposition was a great success. For the first time, people from the neighborhood actually saw the final result in its large size and their reactions were highly enthusiastic. Currently Taatske, in collaboration with officers of the district of Amsterdam South–East and others, is looking into possibilities to find a (semi)permanent location for this work - preferably in public space.

If you are interested or if you can recommend a location, please contact her at taatske@gmail.com.